April 29, 2014

Locketship's Disney Princess Cat Jewelry

I freely admit that I am a feline enthusiast. Cats, cat art, cat jewelry - it all makes me happy. You also might have noticed I adore most things Disney. Therefore, I find Locketship's new Disney Princess cat jewelry line to be one of the most perfect things on this Earth.

The company specializes in cute jewelry featuring kitties and pugs and dinos (yes, I did just order this kitten floating through space design), and their combo of Disney princess aesthetics and cats lives up to their adorable standards. The line has brooches, necklaces, earrings, headbands, bracelets, and rings. Basically, you can cover yourself in cats. Isn't that the dream?

How do they make cats look like Disney characters, you ask? Well, their Rapunzel design features a kitty with flowers over its ear and lots of florals a la the ones in Rapunzel's giant braid. The Belle Kitty has a rose and yellow beads. You get the idea. Here, have some visual examples:

Aren't they spectacular? You can buy all of these items and several other accessories at Locketship's store.


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