April 16, 2014

Not One, But Two Transforming Elsa Costumes

It's been at least two days since I've posted about Frozen, and you know what that means - more Frozen! Cosplayers are apparently going to keep coming up with new ways to impress me. Remember when I posted about the Photoshopped version of an Elsa transformation costume? Well, Inside the Magic pointed out that two cosplayers who participated in the cosplay contest at MegaCon created transforming Elsa costumes. Like, they pulled off the coronation gown on stage to reveal the shimmering blue dress underneath. Look:

Transforming Elsa #1

Transforming Elsa #2

I'm impressed that there were two of them, and that they approached the same concept in different ways. Cosplayers really are the best.

Photos by Ricky Brigante.


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