April 4, 2014

Pink Is a Great Color for a Decepticon

Cosplayers are kind of the best. Watching them sweep (or struggle) through the halls of a convention never gets boring because you rarely see the same ensemble twice. And sometimes, actually more often than you'd think, people knock your socks off. For example, just look at this Pink Decepticon costume EPBOT spotted and photographed at MegaCon:

Holy crap.

I'm floored by the attention to detail from the headlights to the hubcaps to the metal on her face. Every section of the costume's armor looks carefully painted and aged and generally awesome. And look closely at how many pieces make up the elaborate helmet! If anyone knows who this cosplayer is, please let me know.

(This is the wrong time to admit that Transformers is a hole in my geek knowledge, isn't it?)

More photos over at EPBOT.

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