April 15, 2014

Review: Hot Toys The Wolverine From Sideshow Collectibles

When Wolverine shows up on your doorstep, you treat him like a king - even when he's in toy form. Hot Toys' The Wolverine deserves it, too. The sixth scale figure from Sideshow Collectibles is a miniature version of Hugh Jackman from the tips of his adamantium claws to the carefully sculpted hair. Though I'm often impressed with figures from Hot Toys, Wolverine is extra awesome to me because his joints popped into place so easily - I didn't have to pull and push so hard that I worried about permanently breaking him. This Logan doesn't magically heal from injuries.

It all starts with the packaging, and it didn't disappoint:

Packaging: Wolverine arrived in a box that resembled one of the movie posters for the film, and he was securely packaged inside. What I particularly like about the way Hot Toys packages toys is that the pieces are safe, but they're not impossible to get out. I don't get frustrated trying to remove extra-sticky pieces of tape or trying to push things out of plastic. It's a simple process, and actually, it's fun. It's like a weird form of stress relief because I like seeing that every piece has a place.

Sculpt/likeness/paint: As I touched on previously, this statue is more or less a miniature Wolverine.  The likeness is super close and only misses being an exact match by just a hair. Though I know some would prefer real hair rather than plastic - and even I can't settle on what's best - I think the sculpted hair is best for Wolverine. His style is too iconic, and if they used real hair for this figure, it would require a lot of effort to get it to sit properly.

He's got plenty of muscles, as he should, and the plastic looks eerily like real skin. Like, there are veins. The texture on the arms, hands, neck, and collar bone kill me. As does the painting on the backs of the hands and the beard on his face. One of Hot Toys taglines should be: We make good stubble.

Clothes: Wolverine has quite a wardrobe. He arrived dressed in black shoes, black pants, a black belt, a tie, black blazer, black coat, and black shirt. Whew. He also has a white tank top, brown-gray pants with a belt, and brown shoes. All the items were made well enough that I'd be okay with enlarging them and putting them in my wardrobe, and for the most part, they were easy to put on and remove. I had a tricky time with the belts though. The belts are functional, so they have to be pulled through the buckle and through a pants loop. The first part was easy, but I had a hard time getting the end of the belt to tuck inside a loop on the pants. However, I've never been incredibly skilled at dressing toys and dolls - your mileage may differ.

I love the texture of the white tank top and his brown lace-up shoes (the laces are sculpted). Even though the black outfit makes Logan look quite sophisticated, I like the tank and brown pants best.

Accessories: Going through the accessories that come with Hot Toys is one of my favorite parts of unboxing the figures. In this case it was even more awesome because claws! Wolverine came with five sets of hands - three non-claws, one with adamantium claws, and one with bone claws. While they're not deadly sharp, it is possible to prick your finger with them - especially the metal ones. I found that to be rather appropriate.

Besides all the handy (ha) options, you get an engraved Japanese sword with a sheath. It's intricate and impressive.

While I haven't got the hang of posing my figures to make them look like stills from the films just yet, Wolverine is made for different positions (interpret that as you wish). The arm and leg joints are flexible and move into place without too much wrestling, and you could easily spend an afternoon arranging an epic photoshoot with Wolverine before you find his permanent place on your shelf or glass case.

Here's some of the technical information: Height: 12 inches, weight: 4 pounds, head sculpted by Lee So Young, head painted by JC Hong, costume designed by Hai Lim, accessories sculpted by Seung Min Kang, and the figure has over 30 points of articulation.

You can order The Wolverine from Sideshow Collectibles.

Full disclosure: Wolverine was provided by Sideshow Collectibles for review purposes. This did not affect my review of the product.


  1. Wait, is the figure actually four pounds by itself!? What has Wolverine been eating??

    1. It's all the beer!
      Four pounds is the total shipping weight.

  2. Another awesome Hot Toys review. These things keep getting better and better. I'm regretting picking this one up. Thanks for the review.

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for reading.

    2. I meant regretting "not" picking this one up. I have too much on pre-order and with the Amazing Spider-Man figure coming out soon. I need to get a new case to display my figures.


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