April 14, 2014

Stuff I've written lately: Star Wars-inspired careers and TV shows that have gone on too long

Here are a few fun articles I've written around the web this week:

Fully Operational Fandom: How Star Wars Inspires Careers - I spoke with Star Wars fans such as Grant Imahara who were inspired by the saga to pursue their careers. Hearing the kind of stories in this post make me love the Star Wars fandom even more.

It's Hard to Say Goodbye When Our Favorite TV Shows Overstay Their Welcome - You know how some TV shows go on forever and forever until they start getting crappy? I discuss that in an essay for The Mary Sue.

Why You Should Give Star Wars: The Clone Wars a Chance - Finally, it's animation month over at Blastoff Comics, so I used the opportunity to discuss the awesomeness that is Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


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