April 7, 2014

These Game of Thrones Funko POP! Tees Are Killing Me with Cute

The Funko Pop! series of toys has been hazardous for my bank account. You know the figures I'm talking about. The chibi sort of bobble head figures with black eyes that beg to added to your collection. Funko has pumped out series for a few different franchises, including Game of Thrones. It's been hard for me to decide which of that series to start with - so many characters and creatures! White Walkers, direwolves, and dragons, oh my! And now there are even t-shirts. Just take my paycheck, Funko.

They've worked with Amazon to create two exclusive bundles featuring Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. The bundles include freaking adorable tees, even more adorable Pop! figures, and super cute 1.5 inch key chains. Guys! Miniature Jon and Dany! I love that they chose who I believe to be the ice and fire of A Song of Ice and Fire to feature in these bundles:

I wonder if this means we'll see more Pop! shirts in the future. My wallet hopes we don't but just think of the design potential!

Each bundle is $30/each and will be available on May 31. Pre-order them over at Amazon!


  1. Haha, they've been making the pop character shirts for a while (I first discovered a Sandor Clegane one back in May of last year, maybe even earlier than that?). But these are the first really awesome *themed* ones I've seen! I have a Cersei Lannister one and my friend has a Jaime Lannister one, though - they're just pictures of the pop figures but we've worn them out and about and it's always funny when people realize/recognize what's on our shirts.

    1. It's a good thing I didn't know they were already making t-shirts. I need to hide my wallet from myself. Thanks for the heads-up! :)


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