April 8, 2014

This Cats with Wine Art Is Pretty Much My Life

You never know what you'll find at Epcot. I recently visited and as I was ambling around the World Showcase (not stumbling, that uh, may have happened later), something caught my eye by Mexico. There was art with cats. Being the crazy cat lady I am, that was enough to make me stop, but then I saw something glorious. It wasn't just about cats; it was a series called Cats with Wine! I exclaimed! I flailed! And no one looked twice because it's Epcot and people just sort of expect adults to act like drunk, silly people there.

Just look at this piece!!

Add bourbon and whiskey in along with the wine, and these paintings more or less capture my life. I know - that says a lot.

By request of the artist, Heather A. French, no photography of the prints was permitted, but I grabbed a card so I could check out her site. Besides Cats with Wine, she also has felines with Beer and Spirits. All different kinds of cats with all different kinds of booze. It's kind of fabulous. And, of course she does custom pet portraits. I just need to decide which alcohol my cat would like best...


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