May 16, 2014

Costuming guides for Hera and Sabine

Lucasfilm does a lot to stay connected with Star Wars fans, and one way in which they do a great job is by encouraging costuming. Groups like the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion are supported by Lucasfilm, and they even occasionally go out of their way to compliment cosplayers. For example, a Star Wars Rebels group made costumes and appeared at WonderCon this year - and no, the show hasn't even aired yet. They're awesome:

Yes, I stopped them in the food court while they were trying to get breakfast. I was excited. Sal Perales (Kanan) and his family ran into Dave Filoni at the convention and they were pulled on stage during the Star Wars Rebels panel so everyone could admire their effort. What other franchises do that with their fans?

Filoni also did a cool thing over at the official blog and shared costuming guides for Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren. His extensive notes would be extremely helpful in building either of these costumes, and I plan to use the Sabine guide. An example:

Check out the posts and take notes:

Are you planning to work on any Star Wars Rebels cosplay?


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