May 22, 2014

How Nick Fury Wakes up the Avengers

Sometimes the members of the Avengers act like children. Overgrown, superpowered children. I imagine getting them to do mundane chores is a lot like herding cats. Could you imagine if they all lived in barracks together -  or in Tony Stark's mansion - and Nick Fury had to wake them up for duty every single morning?

I wouldn't want that job, but in a sweet comics series by Jenn Menze, we see that Fury has figured out the best way to approach each of the Avengers and Loki in the early hours of the day.

Ahhh! I want to see all these scenes in Avengers 2!
Nick Fury's bunny slippers might be my favorite part... or maybe it's the fact that the little birds in Hawkeye's comic have eye patches, too. I can't decide.

h/t The Mary Sue


  1. I love the tiny details that artists will put in. And looking at Loki that is the cosmic cube...or maybe a blankie...


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