May 2, 2014

May the 4th Steals and Deals!

Sunday is May the 4th! As in, "May the Fourth Be with You!" The unofficial yet recognized Star Wars Day has become a day of celebration with special events, announcements, and all kinds of sales on Star Wars merchandise across the internet. Though I'll have a post on the official blog soon with plenty of ideas on how you can celebrate inside and outside the home, I thought I'd round up some of the sales going on around the web that caught my eye.

Black Milk Clothing - Black Milk has launched a new line of Star Wars shooter tops for the occasion, and they're offering 30% off the rest of their Star Wars inventory. They don't have many sales throughout the year, so if you've been waiting to buy a pair of Han & Chewie leggings, jump on this deal while you can! It's already started and will last through Sunday, but be wary of the times since Black Milk is on Australian time - AEST to be specific.

WeLoveFineWeLoveFine has a ton of awesome Star Wars t-shirt designs, and they're all 25% of on Sunday, May the 4th. If you can't choose just one, pick several. Use the code MAYTHEFOURTH14 at checkout.

Heir to the Empire - Been wanting to start the Thrawn trilogy? You can get the ebook for just $1.99 this weekend! Yes, it would make a great and affordable gift for a friend.

GamingGet fifty percent off Star Wars games and content on the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store. Check out the link for the full list of games!

ThinkGeek - All the Star Wars merch at ThinkGeek is 20% off, and yes, it includes Her Universe apparel and toys and kitchen accessories and everything. May the Force be with you as you try to narrow down your choices. Plus, get an exclusive R2-D2 pin with any purchase over $20 (while supplies last).

Amazon's Star Wars store - Get exclusive Star Wars Rebels tees (only in men's sizes, harrumph) and tons of other items like graphic novels and toys and games all on sale over at Amazon.

Need even more deals? Star Wars has a list featuring branded M&Ms, bags, cards and so much more.

May the Fourth be with you!


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