May 6, 2014

More Frozen Meets Winter Soldier Fan Art!

In my imagination, Steve Rogers saw Frozen as soon as it hit theaters and then excitedly ran around the offices at SHIELD telling everyone about how awesome it is. And perhaps he belted out Let It Go once in a while as seen in this fan art. Yeah, we've already seen at least one Frozen/Winter Soldier mash-up, but are you ready for a few more? I am!

Brace yourself for feelings:

Sob. I'll build a snow man with you, Steve! Art by Batwynn.

Now, take that concept and make it more adorable:
"We used to be best buddies..."  Dying. 
Trying to source this sent me down a Tumblr rabbit hole. I traced it to Vegan Dragon, but I don't think that's the artist.

And now for real life inspired by fan art:
MY HEART. Bucky/ Winter Soldier: VegaSailor Cosplay, Steve: Scott Tregelin

Now I'm just waiting to see the Elsa-Bucky cosplay in person. Art by Jaellee

More Anna as Cap, Elsa as Bucky. Art by jungie14295

This my favorite interpretation of the ladies from Frozen in The Winter Soldier: Anna as Cap, Elsa as Black Widow. I'd watch that movie! Art by VegliaSerena.


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