May 13, 2014

Princess Leia In a Haunted Mansion Portrait (this is the best)

Putting together a solid mash-up is an art. You can't just throw any two franchises together, add a funny tagline, and make it work. Actual thought should be put into it - shocking, I know. Artist Karen Hallion has a knack for blending elements from various characters, stories, and places just right, and she's basically nailed it perfectly with her latest creation: Princess Leia as the tightrope girl from the Haunted Mansion attraction. I flailed when I saw this art:

Titled "Leia's Corruptible Mortal State," it captures the elements of the painting in the Haunted Mansion elevator to a tee:

If, like me, you need to own the Star Wars meets Disney parks art right now immediately if not sooner, Hallion's got it available as prints, a tote bag, a coffee mug, and more in her Society 6 store. She's working on getting the design onto a t-shirt.


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