June 5, 2014

Dean Winchester's Baby at Comicpalooza

I admit. After attending convention after convention, I sometimes feel jaded. The aisles in the exhibit hall start to look the same and reading the programming guide feels like deja vu. I should know better though because there's always something new to see, and my recent trip to Comicpalooza proved that.

One of the moments that made me flail the most during the convention was stumbling upon a replica of Dean Winchester's Impala. Cars aren't really my thing. They're functional modes of transportation to get me from point A to point B in safety and relative comfort. But those feelings of meh fall away when I see the Impala. She's a sexy car all on her own, but after nine years of watching Supernatural, she has a special place. Chuck said it best:

"...that 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car--no, the most important object--in pretty much the whole universe."

The folks behind the Facebook page "The Most Important Object in Pretty Much The Whole Universe" have been working on restoring a 1967 four door Impala as a tribute to Dean's baby, and they brought it to the convention to display, and there was a constant flow of people stopping to drool and to enjoy the Dean-approved music they played nearby. The restored Impala was gorgeous, and all I wanted to do was sit in the driver' seat.

They loaded the trunk and front and back seats with replica props and clothing. The trunk was especially packed (be sure to click to enlarge all the photos):

I love the attention to detail. It's hard to tell from far away, but that's John Winchester's journal on the front seat. I didn't see it close up, but I bet none of the pages are blanks. They clearly put hours, sweat, and money into making the Impala look like the one in the series.

To get an idea of how far she's come, this was what the Impala looked like when they got her; the picture is dated August 2012:

Dean would be so very proud that he might cry one of his infamous single tears.

See more photos and keep tabs on where the Impala will appear next over at Facebook.


  1. If I was to ever hunt down a car that I wanted (instead of going for the easiest, cheapest, most readily available), I imagine it would be to hunt down an impala. Would have loved to have seen this one -- it looks like they did a phenomenal job and should be proud.


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