June 8, 2014

Gender Swapped Frozen Cosplay

Frozen costumes have been the most popular choice for cosplay at every convention I've attended so far this year. It's not a surprise. I've seen human versions of Olaf, plenty of Elsas and Annas, and less Kristoffs and Hans. I'm also spotting more and more gender swapped takes on Anna and Elsa. I haven't seen these in person yet - just around the web - and I love the different designs guys are using to become the queen and princess from Frozen.

Here are a handful of creative rule 63 Annas and Elsas:

King Elsa, cosplayed by Dakun Cosplay, photo by NekoHibaPC

Elsa cosplayed by Haku Doushi, Anna cosplayed by Dakun Cosplay, photo by Chris Caviello

Love the vest and pants interpretation! Anna cosplayed by Kame House Cosplay, Elsa cosplayed by The Wicked Tailor, photo by Jason Parker

Gender swapped version of Anna's coronation dress, cosplayed by Nipah

Gorgeous Elsa cosplayed by Detailed-Illusion, photo by Droo

This Elsa has built in snowflakes! Cosplayer at MegaCon, photo by David Ngo


  1. I love that more than six month's after its release, we still see a lot of "Frozen" talk and reporting...may it continue for many more months and years.

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