June 10, 2014

Hand Painted Nerdy Shoes by Sons of Geekery

While more geeky shoe options - like Star Wars Vans - are coming onto the market, there aren't a plethora of options commercially available. Especially not in adult sizes. If you want footwear featuring your favorite fandoms, you'll have to make them yourself or turn to places like Etsy.

While I can decoupage and stencil like a Jedi, I'm a Padawan when it comes to painting. No, make that a Youngling. Sons of Geekery has skills in this arena though - I'd call him a Jedi Master. He hand paints characters and symbols onto lace-up shoes with "high quality acrylic paint and oil-based paint markers." His designs are detailed and packed with bold colors that are sure to stand out and be noticed. They're also bound to make you smile any time you look down at your feet, and don't we all need to smile more?

So far Sons of Geekery has painted up a few fantastic designs:
Star Wars Rebels (my favorite because, duh, Star Wars):

Adventure Time:

Harley Quinn:

Not looking for snazzy footwear? He also paints toys, too:

Get your orders in at the Sons of Geekery Etsy shop!


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  3. While more quirky shoe choices - like Star Wars Vans - are going onto the business sector, there aren't a plenty of alternatives monetarily accessible. Particularly not in grown-up sizes. In the event that you need footwear including your most loved fandoms, you'll need to make them yourself or swing to spots like Etsy.

    Jessie G. Pulley

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