June 19, 2014

I finally watched Bee and PuppyCat!

Friends have been urging me to watch Bee and PuppyCat for a few months. They promised me it was cute - usually an instant sell for me - but they mentioned the word series, and I didn't want to commit to hours in front of my computer staring at YouTube. But then, someone pointed out to me there were only two episodes and I only needed to invest mere minutes to watch both of them. Oops. I watched Bee and PuppyCat the next day, and of course, I wanted MORE because it is freaking adorable and also freaking hilarious.

What is Bee and PuppyCat? It's a series by Natasha Allegri that's part of Cartoon Hangover. The story stars Bee, a twenty-something unemployed lady, and her new pal PuppyCat. As you might guess from the name, the squishable creature is both cat and dog. He's also in touch with an intergalactic temp agency of sorts, and he lands assignments for him and Bee so they can make some dough. The character designs are wonderful, the writing makes me laugh out loud, and the way Allyn Rachel delivers Bee's lines only makes the series more awesome.

Take five minutes to watch the first episode, you won't regret it.

While you're at it, you may as well watch the second episode.

Hungry for more? Join the crowd! More episodes are coming since Cartoon Hangover ran a successful Kickstarter project to fund them. As far as I can tell, they'll be out this fall. In the meantime, you can get your Bee and PuppyCat fix in a couple of different ways.

Read the comic from Boom Studios! There are two issues of the ongoing series out so far, and it continues the adventures of Bee and PuppyCat. It's beautifully illustrated and colored, and you can read the story in the character's voices - out loud or in your head.

Cover yourself in Bee and PuppyCat apparel from WeLoveFine! You can cosplay as Bee thanks to their Bee sweater and PuppyCat dress design, or you can carry a PuppyCat tote bag or hug the stuffing out of a soft talking PuppyCat plush. If none of that sounds appealing, you can choose from one of many cool t-shirt designs featuring characters and quotes from the series.


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