June 26, 2014

Princess Leia Returns to the Haunted Mansion in This Mash-Up

Last month Karen Hallion made Star Wars and Disney parks fans shriek with glee when she put Princess Leia into a portrait from the Haunted Mansion. Leia became the girl on the tightrope, and she's not done making appearances in the spooky attraction. Hallion appears to be taking on the challenge of incorporating Leia inall four of the portraits and this beauty is the latest addition to the series:

Titled, "... to find a way out" the piece mimics the art of the woman sitting on her husband's tombstone:

She's getting there:

You can buy a print of the latest Leia in the Haunted Mansion piece over at Society6 - Hallion is working on turning it into a t-shirt design.


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