June 1, 2014

Stuff I've written this week: Game of Thrones, Water Dancing, Maleficent...

It's been a busy week around these parts, and I thought some of you might be interested in stories I have written around the web recently about Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Disney villainesses, and more:

Learning Water Dancing from Game of Thrones' Syrio Forel - Miltos Yerolemou, aka Syrio Forel from Game of Thrones, was at Comicpalooza last weekend and teaching water dancing classes. It's one of the coolest experiences I've ever had at a convention.

Ranking 12 Disney Villainesses - I rank 12 of Disney's female villains by horribleness and actual evil deeds committed.

Fully Operational Fandom: Welcome to the Wookiee Workshop - Want to meet some guys who put their all into making fantastic wookiee costumes? Then check out this interview with The Wookiee Workshop!

Supernatural Season 9 Review - The most recent season of Supernatural hit some notable highs and some pretty meh lows. I wrapped up my thoughts on the season over at IGN.

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Review - Even with some boring moments, season 3 of Once was surprisingly strong. Again, I reviewed the entire season for IGN.

Once Upon a Time Characters' D&D Alignments - If the main cast of Once Upon a Time made character sheets, what would their alignments me? I try to pin it down based on recent actions. I'll be doing this for more shows soon - let me know if you have any specific requests!

Celebrate Maleficent with Not So Wicked Food and Drinks - Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent-inspired  treats are just what your week and weekend needs. I rounded up some cool ideas with how-tos and recipes for Nerdist. Bonus: the food and drinks you make will probably be better than the movie.

The Not So Scary Sorcerer - May was Spider-Man's villains month at Blastoff Comics, and I dove deep for my last column of the month. Meet the Sorcerer!

All Men (And Women) Must Download This Game of Thrones Cards Against Humanity Deck - Cards Against the Realm. It's a thing.

Littlefinger's Best Plots on Game of Thrones - Littlefinger excels at scheming, and I've rounded up some of his best/worst moments.

Five of the Greatest Partnerships in Game of Thrones - There are so many great team-ups in Game of Thrones that it was hard to make this list! Tell me about your favorites.


  1. I always look forward to your posts detailing all your recent work. Some of them I stumble upon naturally, such as the Wokkie Workshop piece - my love of all things Star Wars will never cease.

    I admit, I have to stay away from anything Once Upon a Time since I have only just begun watching the series in the past couple weeks. Of course this means I watched the entire first two seasons on Netflix and now need to embark on a trial of Hulu Plus for season three.

    I enjoyed the ranking of Disney villainesses. I might have scored Malificent a bit higher though. This is a great "bar discussion". Nothing like sittign around with friends and ranking characters...yes my friends and I will totally be ranking villainesses soon.

    And the Game of Thrones partnerships was a great examination of some of the key interpersonal relationships. And a small part of me enjoys thinking tht maybe my Tyrion and Bronn comment a couple weeks ago might have been some inspiration...hahahaha

    1. Ah, what do you think of Once Upon a Time? I feel like it's just gotten better and better. I think you'll enjoy season 3!

      The Disney villainesses was hard. I tried to rank them by the things they actually did instead of just what they planned. I was surprised by just how bad Mother Gothel was when I mader her list.

      Come to think of it, I think your comment about Tyrion and Bronn did prompt me pitching that post! It was hard to narrow it down to five!

  2. Once Upon a Time has grown on me. As a Disney fan, I am continually anxious to see how characters are worked into the plot and especially love little homages to characters.

    Originally, a lot of the special effects and settings in the fairy tale lands was cheesy but they have improved over the seasons. The acting has been fairly decent all along and I love how Granny is always totting her crossbow around. My only one complaint would be Belle who when I hear her speak, all i can think of is Lost and her saying "Mah baybay" all the time.

    Overall, I am looking forward to starting season 3 this week. Maybe Emma will be less frowny at some point?

    I have a confession...I still have not seen all of Tangled...please don't hate me!!!!


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