June 3, 2014

Things Helena Eats

There's a lot to love about Orphan Black. The story. The breakneck pacing. Jordan Gavaris as Felix. Tatiana Maslany. Tatiana Maslany again. Oh, and Tatiana Maslany. The actress does an unbelievable job at making the clones seem like entirely different people. Each woman has a distinct personality, and Maslany sells it even if she's not entirely transformed into the given clone with hair and makeup. It's incredible.

Though I can't choose a favorite clone - it changes regularly - I'm often fascinated by Helena. She had what was arguably the hardest childhood of any of the women and wants nothing more than to be with her sestra, Sarah and protect her.

It doesn't seem like she had an abundance of food around while she grew up because the woman is voracious. She devours edibles with a passion and a seeming belief that she's never going to eat again. And most of the time, the food combinations she pieces together are gross. Want proof? I've rounded up some highlights of things Helena has eaten over the course of the series:

Jell-O with extra sugar:

Sardines with mustard:
A brick of uncooked ramen noodles:

Sugar packets:
Bran muffin:
She's also eaten grilled cheese, pickles, eggs, beans from a can, a donut, and so much more.
And let's not forget about all the drinks she recently sampled:
I seriously want to turn this into a cookbook. It would be a fun Orphan Black complement and also perfect for college kids.


  1. How about a BBC cookbook? Chapter Eleven: Fish Fingers and Custard.


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