July 16, 2014

Ariel Encounters Prince Hans from Frozen

In my mind, many of the worlds seen in Disney films are all connected. There's a pretty compelling argument that connects Tangled and Frozen. Elsa and Anna's parents were on the way to a wedding when their ship went down, and Rapunzel and Flynn are spotted in the crowds attending Coronation Day. Some also think The Little Mermaid is set in the same world and the sunken ship she swims around with Flounder and the shark is the shipwreck of the King and Queen of Arendelle. So... that doesn't place them in the same time period, but I still like this fan art that puts Ariel and Prince Hans together.

It's by Tumblr user hollyoakhill, and she thinks that Ariel finds Hans in a shipwreck. I like to imagine it's more vindictive, and that Han gets pushed off the ship going home and Ariel somehow knows about his transgressions (maybe Anna has a shell phone for underwater communication) and decides to serve some justice. Mermaid style vigilantism, baby.

Okay, maybe my explanation has a few holes. The art is still awesome. What are your theories about the mash-up?

h/t Neatorama

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  1. People also say that the king and queen are Tarzans parents who somehow survived the shipwreck and made a life on the island. Not sure if the two movies are set anywhere near the same time period but its still a fascinating theory. There's some good ones out there.


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