July 2, 2014

Hasbro's Rolled Out a Ton of Transformers Toys

Regardless of the less than stellar buzz about Transformers: Age of Extinction (I can't comment as I haven't seen it and don't plan to), the toys made to accompany the release look awesome. Hasbro has pushed out several new figures and 'bots to highlight characters in the film such as Grimlock and the Dinobots! Heck. Yes. I saw sampling of Hasbro's Transformers goodies when this big box of happiness landed on my doorstep:

I like to pretend that the UPS driver's truck is secretly a Transformer. They've all got to have day jobs, right?

I went through the pile of toys like a kid on Christmas. Actually, I still open presents now like I did when I was five. Anyway, I'm impressed by the variety. The Hasbro Transformers toy line includes: Robots in Disguise, Generations, Construct-Bots, Kre-O building sets, a battling robots stadium, and more! You can get Transformers like Drift, Crosshairs, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Grimlock in different sizes and shapes (appropriately). The contents of the sampling I received would keep me busy for days - too bad I have to work instead of sitting around and playing with toys.

Ready for some beauty shots of the toys? I thought so.

You can find the latest Hasbro Transformers releases at a toy store or big box store near you.

I'll be giving away a Grimlock Flip & Change figure here next month, and I'll also be giving away a Bumblebee Power Punch figure at Comic-Con. I'll tweet about it, and the first person to find me at SDCC will get the toy. Follow me at @amy_geek.

Also, in sort of related news, Hub Network is having a Transformers marathon on July 4th!


  1. I got the same box and my little girl and I are having a ball with them. I just wish the movies lived up to the toys sometimes.


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