July 3, 2014

Review: Mini Geek Parody Books by Charles Thurston

Would you like to introduce a Youngling to the geek world with some easy to read and adorable books? If the answer is yes, I've got the thing for you. If the answer is no, stick around anyway - I bet you'll be charmed by these pop culture parody books by Charles Thurston even if you're an adult.

Thurston's taken franchises like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Wars, and Doctor Who and created a whole series of 14 page miniature books made for kids. The books measure 4" by 4" and feature illustrations with a bit of text, and the combination of the size and interiors make them ideal for holding the attention of tiny ones.

Sample titles include:
Go, Smaug, Go
Nighty Night Lil Wampa
Come Along Pond
The Blue Box

I think the titles would make a wonderful baby shower gift, but they'd really be great for any gift-giving occasion. Imagine being responsible for getting a kid hooked on Doctor Who or Star Wars - that's a good day.

The construction of the books is pretty basic, but it's effective. They all have soft covers but are printed on a thick paper stock so they're sturdy. The books are stapled together, and none of the pages in the books I looked at were falling out. They're simple and fun and geeky, which is pretty much exactly what you want in a kid's book.

You can purchase Thurston's books at Etsy for $7/each or get them in person at conventions. They might be priced differently at shows. His schedule's posted on his Facebook page.

Full disclosure: Charles Thurston provided books to me for review purposes. This did not affect my review or opinions.


  1. Hmmm, would love a set to entice my struggling readers.../strokes beard in contemplation

  2. Would love to pick those up for my little ones!

    1. I've learned they're $5 at shows if you can catch him in person!

  3. Oh wow, these are super cute! Thanks for reviewing them. *Makes plans to buy them all before brothers have children*


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