July 13, 2014

The Hobbit Meets Office Space in This Diorama Mash-Up

If you've seen a cool diorama made of plastic toys featuring Star Wars or Disney characters, chances are good that Stephen Hayford was behind it. The talented diorama artist has more than 20 years of experience, and his incredibly detailed work has been featured in museums and galleries. It's easy to lose track of time flipping through images of his work on Facebook and just marveling at the insane number of details. Tiny papers, tiny files, tiny everything! For his latest piece that mashes together Office Space and The Hobbit, he even made itty bitty staplers. And yes, there was a red one.

"Ummm, Yeah, I'll Need You To Stay Late, Mr. Oakenshield" features the Goblin King giving Thorin Oakenshield a hard time. The goblins have done such a thorough job wrecking the office that I don't know how Thorin could be expected to file the oh so important TPS reports. Where would you find them in that mess? Hayford said it was one of the most fun projects he's ever done, and he even got his kids on the action - they helped cut the 1,800 (!!) tiny documents in the pic:

While Thorin sits at his overloaded desk facing his boss, one goblin makes copies of his butt (appropriate) while others scatter paper all over the room. Poor Thorin looks to be stuck with all the work. He needs to wrangle Smaug and bring him around to service justice to these disruptive goblin thugs.

The diorama recently won best in show HOWL Gallery/Tattoo in Fort Myers, Florida and will be appearing in an exhibit in Seattle later this month. Just look at the details:

See more of Hayford's work at his Facebook page!


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