August 6, 2014

All Groot All the Time

While Gamora merchandise may be severely lacking, Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot is getting plenty of love. He's arguably the most endearing character in the film, and he communicates more than most of us do with fewer words. Also, that scene at the end garnered the sentient creature who resembles a tree a lot of attention. I've already started building a Groot army:

And yes, I mostly use Instagram for posting pictures of my toys.

You can get the following officially licensed Groot toys:
Funko POP! bobblehead Groot (my favorite)
A 3 inch Groot figure (pictured above) in a pack with Rocket Raccoon and a Sakaaran Trooper
Groot minimate

A battling Groot figure that gets taller when you squeeze its legs

If you head over to Etsy, you can find a plethora of fan made Groot products in clothing, jewelry, and toys. They're not exactly official, but they're still awesome. This mildly spoilery pendant is my favorite, and I think this Groot Loops design by bamboota is fun:

And if you head over to DeviantArt, you'll be treated to plenty of awesome work such as this art by TheNornOnTheGo:


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