August 14, 2014

An Update on #WheresGamora

Just over a week ago, I posted about the lack of Gamora I saw on Guardians of the Galaxy merch. It wasn't that she wasn't available as an action figure (she is), but more that I saw her excluded from the group when it came to merch like t-shirts, coffee mugs, and party supplies. I didn't - and still don't - understand why. Some people have been arguing it's because she wasn't written as welll as the rest of the group, but that is so not the point. Regardless of how the character came across, she's still part of the group and pretty much the co-lead of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Anyway. I suggested the hashtag #wheresgamora, and it's spread further than I thought it would. People are sharing their thoughts and concerns and photos like this one that show a backpack with everyone else but Gamora:

via @BlackCatBalloon
Outlets like The Mary Sue, The Daily Dot, Geeks of Doom, Badass Digest, Legion of Leia, and Bleeding Cool have helped spread awareness. While I have no idea whether Marvel or Disney have heard or seen the questions being asked about where Gamora is on the Guardians of the Galaxy merch, I  have a couple of things to share.

In my original post, I mentioned the Gamora and Nebula Minimates and how I was frustrated the only Minimate packs with female characters aren't available at Toys "R" Us. They're only available at comic shops and specialty stores. Diamond Select Toys reached out on Twitter and commented on the post to let me know female action figures unfortunately don't sell well at Toys "R" Us (though maybe they would if more figures were available???) and that the distribution number for the Gamora and Nebula pack was actually higher than the Minimates going elsewhere:

  1. Gamora is only specialty exclusive in that she is NOT Toys "R" Us exclusive. TRU got Yondu instead of Gamora and Nebula, which means that those women will be available at a few thousand comic shops, specialty stores and online retailers, instead of several hundred TRU stores. Hopefully, that means more girls will be able to find her, even if it's not at Toys "R" Us. TRU exclusives tend to be scarce, although even some female exclusives have actually lingered in recent years. It's the main reason we did what we did -- we thought Gamora and Nebula would reach more fans (including girls) through the specialty market, while the boys who seem to make up the bulk of our sales at TRU could grab the funny blue guy in the boy-frequented action figure aisle.
  2. We try to put at least one woman in every Minimates assortment, including Jane Foster (Thor - specialty), Darcy (Thor 2), Peggy Carter (Cap), Black Widow (Cap 2), Gwen Stacy (ASM and ASM2), and Black Widow and Maria Hill (Avengers). Widow was actually a Toys "R" Us exclusive for Avengers, as was Gwen for ASM. The rest were specialty-only, but then, some of those SERIES were only available at specialty stores and comic shops. Next up are Storm and Mystique for DOFP, although that series will not be at Toys "R" Us, either.
I appreciate their response. I am a little bummed the back of the Toys "R" Us Minimates don't show Gamora and Nebula, but I guess since people aren't able to buy them at the store...

via Bleeding Cool
To really drive the point to hit home, watch Anya & Stella go searching for Gamora, Black Widow, and Wonder Woman merch at their local Target:

On the upside, Sideshow Collectibles announced a Hot Toys statue featuring Gamora:

Even with the explanations and new product, I'm still asking #wheresgamora.


  1. We were just at party city and I saw the plates there and was reminded of your post. I think she was on the display, but not on any of the party favors.

  2. Those are my girls (Anya and Stella). I can honestly say I had not read what other people were saying before making our video, but we were tagged with #wheresgamora almost instantly, and I was able to see that great minds think alike.

    1. We all want more Gamora and female superheroes, and I'm glad to see the younger generation feels the same way.


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