August 5, 2014

Asajj Ventress' Story Continues in a Novel

As Star Wars: The Clone Wars progressed, I found myself becoming more and more interested in Asajj Ventress. Her story developed in a way I didn't expect. She continually walked the line, and when we last saw her, she assisted Ahsoka. I wouldn't say she was trying to fully redeem herself, but she seemed to making an effort to fall more towards the light side of things. When Clone Wars was canceled and The Lost Missions were released with no Ventress, I figured we'd seen the last of the character. I should have known better though because she's coming back in an upcoming novel.

The not yet titled book by Christie Golden will star Asajj Ventress and feature Quinlan Vos. It will be out next summer, and 2015 isn't all that far away. Not really.

According to Del Rey, the book is based on unaired Star Wars: The Clone Wars scripts. Dave Filoni was present at the Comic-Con panel when the annoucement came out, and reported him saying, "Ventress had become one of the most interesting characters…we had all this material, we had all these designs…This is based on scripts we had written with George Lucas…I’m super excited about this book."

I'm super excited, too.

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  1. One of the things I loved about the Clone Wars was how the writers' curved the storylines of Ventress and Asohka Tano to intersect.

    Ventress starts as Little Miss Perfect Sith; violent and ruthless, utterly convinced that in a well-ordered world she could do precisely and get precisely what she wanted. But she finds that there are thrones and dominations far more powerful and ruthless than a single woman - even a Sith Witch - with a couple of lightsabers can fight. And as she gets slapped around whe begins to lose her faith in the Glorious Sith Cause; she retreats into cynicism and a sort of bitter self-awareness. She's still pretty damn ruthless, but it's a me-first ruthlessness that doesn't pick sides other than "who-is-worth-something-to-me".

    Tano begins as Little Miss Perfect Padawan and learns the same lessons in many of the same ways. Being Asohka she becomes withdrawn and hurt rather than bitter and cynical, but in many ways she has come to the same place; seeing that there is no "light side" in power and might just as Asajj realizes that in the "dark side" there is no mercy for an individual.

    I could very well see Asohka ending up with the Altisan Jedi just as I could see Ventress ending up as a sort of "gray" character, neither "good" nor "eveil", a sort of chaotic neutral. It'll be interesting to see her matched up with another "gray" character, Quinlan Vos.

    I should say for the record, tho, that my personal fave was always the kinky love-hate affair she had with Obi-Wan; I always got the sense that she was the "bad girl" that Old Ben hated to love just a tiny bit, while he was the ultimate challenge for her - the "good boy" she always felt had that hidden dark fantasy inside him that she was just the girl to release. Fun couple...

  2. Oh, and I had to click on the graphic to realize that Asajj will have gotten a makeover for her new feature. Love that new sporty blonde look, girlfriend!


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