August 11, 2014

Everyday Cosplay Inspiration

The phrase everyday cosplay has evolved in recent years. At first I used to only think of it terms of more everyday items that are still kind of costumes. For example, if a dress is printed with R2-D2's exact pattern, it's still very costume like and perhaps not suitable for everyday, going to the office wear. Like this one:

R2-D2 dress from  Her Universe, available at Hot Topic
I adore that style of clothing and own several pieces that are similar, but I have another definition of everyday cosplay that lives right beside my previous one. I also think of everyday cosplay as wearing clothes that do not have specific character designs but still remind you of the character. I realize it's not the most articulate definition. Imagine that instead of wearing the above dress that is very clearly R2-D2 that I instead wore a blue and white skirt, a red top, and some red crystal earrings. That's a color palette that screams R2-D2 without screaming the droid's name. I put together my first ever lookbook to try to illustrate an everyday R2-D2 cosplay:

Everyday R2-D2

Making lookbooks is fun. Who knew?
Anyway. See how you can evoke the spirit of the character without going on full on astromech? It's very much in the vein of Disney Bound. I like the challenge of assembling a look that shows my love for fandoms I love on any occasion. I could definitely wear an outfit similar to the one pictured above to a meeting or other professional engagement.

Megan Gotch, head geek lady in charge over at The Nerdy Girlie, has done an amazing job gathering images and inspiration for everyday cosplay. She's dressed as several of the characters on her list and put together lookbooks for many more. Here are a couple examples of her work:

Everyday Rapunzel from Tangled:

Everyday Kaylee from Firefly:

Her list includes characters from Futurama, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and more.

Do you have everyday cosplay tips?


  1. I love the look you put together. It's office friendly for sure! And Megan does a wondreful job putting together different EDC looks!

    1. Thank you!
      Megan has inspired me to start playing more with Polyvore lookbooks.

  2. Love the everyday cosplay idea! My daughter loves her 11th Doctor outfit and wears it minus the fez to go out.

    We're actually goint to be doing a Doctor Who Photoshoot for her early birthday present!


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