August 10, 2014

Favorite quotes and moments from Outlander: Sassenach

Who else here is an Outlander fan? Since I don't have an outlet right now for regular reviews and recaps of Outlander, I figured why not share my favorite quotes and moments from each episode right here? Just like I do with Game of Thrones.

The new series on Starz premiered yesterday and is based on the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. It features time travel, romance, and basically all the stuff I gushed about in a post a couple of weeks ago. I've seen the first six episodes, and I haven't fallen this hard for a television series in a while. I only read the book recently - just last May. I'm on the third book now, and while I was all in from page one of the first book, the TV adaptation has fanned the fandom fire.

Favorite quotes from and thoughts about the pilot episode, "Sassenach," after the image. Yes, there are spoilers.

Favorite quotes
"The war had taught me to cherish the present because tomorrow might not ever come to pass. What I didn’t know at the time was that tomorrow would prove less important than yesterday." - Claire

"Now if you won’t walk, I shall pick you up and throw you over my shoulder. Do you want me to do that?" - Jamie

"People disappear all the time. Young girls run away from home.  Children stray from their parents and are never seen again.  Housewives take the grocery money and a taxi to the train station. Most are found eventually. Disappearances, after all, have explanations. Usually." - Claire

"...there's no place on Earth with more magic and superstition mixed into its daily life than that of the Scottish Highlands." - Frank

"Thank you, Sassenach, truly." - Jamie

Random thoughts
- That look right there. That's when Sam Heughan became Jamie Fraser. Completely and totally. Whoa. Feelings.

- I think it was ballsy of them to spend so much time in the present before Claire goes through the stones at Craigh na Dun. It gaves us a real sense of the relationship between her and Frank. We can see they were good together and that he was kind and smart... definitely adds to the sorrow you feel for her and the decisions she has to make in the 18th century.

- There was instant chemistry between Jamie and Claire. Like electric.

- Caitriona Balfe is everything I could hope for in an actress portraying Claire Randall. She's talented and brings the character to life in a way I couldn't have imagined. I adore her as much as I adore Claire and that says something.

- Though there were changes from the book, they didn't feel jarring to me - in fact, I barely noticed them. Ron Moore tweeted about some differences during the episode (click to enlarge):

Ron Moore's live tweets from Outlander: "Sassenach"

- I loved the way the colors and overall palette changed from World War II to post wartime to the 18th century. Going back to Scotland in the 1800s was like that moment when color swept in during the Wizard of Oz.

- It was fun to watch Claire struggle to communicate the importance of disinfecting and cleaning wounds.

What did you think of Outlander's debut?

You can read my full review for "Sassenach" over at IGN and a spoiler-free article teasing what you can expect from the first six episodes of Outlander.


  1. I now know what I will be watching later this evening.

  2. I love it! I am a diehard lover of the books and I was so worried it was going to be ruined.I loved all of it. I always picture Claire in my head as looking like Alex Kingston, but I loved that claire has eye wrinkles and looks the right age. Beautiful, but like a real person and Jamie, yup, I can live with that one.

    1. I'm verra happy they didn't cast someone too young for Claire. :))

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

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