August 13, 2014

Here, Have All the Baby Groots You Can Stand

Mild spoilers ahead for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Since Guardians of the Galaxy premiered almost two weeks ago, one character in particular has taken the spotlight in fan art: baby Groot. I rounded up a couple of Groot pieces last week, but this post is all about the tiny Groot who stole all of our hearts.

He danced and swayed to Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" and watching the little guy cut loose left me in a puddle on the floor of the movie theater. My heart and everything else melted. It was only a matter of days before creative folks started showing off their own versions of baby Groot - sculptures, jewelry, illustrations - you name it. Here are some of my favorite takes on dancing baby Groot:

Ganda Kris used a Groot Funko Pop! vinyl figure. She boiled it to make the vinyl flexible enough to pop off the arms. She used air dry clay to sculpt the bottom and painted everything with acrylics. Kris posted the whole tutorial if you want to try to make your own.

Another Funko Pop! Groot, this one by Saber Fire Tiger.

Coregeek sculpted his version of tiny Groot from EVA foam covered with Worbla. The little green leaves were made from craft foam.

Patrick Delahanty hacked a Movin & Groovin flower to make his fully functional version of dancing baby Groot. (h/t Nerdist)

What about an even smaller version of baby Groot? Etsy seller Mango Cats has it covered with her Perler bead magnet or key chain.

This baby Groot features flowers and embellishments that remind me of the scene where he made light. He was sculpted by Miss Piratesavvy.

Crocheted baby Groot by Elin Makes (h/t Make)

Baby dancing Groot illustration by Genieh

I like this more whimsical take on Groot by Kelsey Wailes.

And one more Groot. This one by TheHardLine is made from Fimo clay.

Seeing all of these makes me want to start a Groot toy shelf because I am Groot.

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