August 17, 2014

I Wish Comic Books Still Had Hostess Ads

I wandered through an antiques store recently because they had a sign about comics in the window. I combed through a spinner rack and some boxes and found a few to bring home, and the back of one of the issues had a gem of an ad for Hostess Fruit Pies. It ended thusly:

The Hostess ads in comics are priceless. Hostess ran them in in both Marvel and DC titles beginning in 1977. Heck, they even showed up in Archie comics. The one page comics feature products from fruit pies to Twinkies to cupcakes, and they are usually gloriously over the top and amazing. Heroes like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Thor, Superman, and so many more use Hostess' products to their advantage. Wonder Woman even manages to stop the Cheetah with Hostess cupcakes while she punches a panther in the face. There aren't enough stories like that in comics these days.

The ads are effective in that they're the kind of ad you actually stop to read. When I see an ad in comics these days, I skip right past the page. And the Hostess campaign still works today! After reading that Thor Fruit Pie ad pictured above, I had a craving for the overly sugary treat and I haven't eaten or even thought about one in years.

Even if they cause unhealthy cravings, going back through the decades and reading the Hostess comics is absolutely worth it. Seanbaby has scanned a ton of the Hostess ads that ran in the five year campaign, if not all of them. A few of my favorites (click 'em to enlarge):

Daredevi's Peachy Keen Caper wins the award for the most times "peach" has ever been used in a comic:

Aliens steal Captain America's Twinkies:

Superman calms kids in danger down with cupcakes:

See many, many more Hostess comic book ads at Seanbaby.


  1. Thanks to these ads I ate soooo many Hostess Fruit Pies...


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