August 7, 2014

I'd Like to Watch This Nebula and Gamora Story, Please

While I adored Guardians of the Galaxy as a whole, both Nebula and Ronan felt flat to me. Developing more of Nebula and Gamora's past relationship may not have been possible for the story they told, but it would have been nice and added some extra oomph. This imagining of the sisters from artist Maddie Chaffer will have to do for now, and hey, it's pretty awesome. I would absolutely watch this prequel:

h/t Super Punch


  1. I too had issues with Nebula and Ronan being too flat. Especially Ronan, who has such a rich backstory to be pulled from (even a few more lines or scenes about the Kree in general would have done SO MUCH for the story -- as it is, the races in general don't stand out at all, which is a shame).

    More over, the weak character development of Ronan and Nebula seriously hurts Gamora's character -- from the start she declares her separation (a little foolishly, for a galaxy-class assassin), but we only given tidbits as to why, when they could have, again, just added a dab more world or character building to really drive them home.

    We got plenty of story on Rocket and Starlord, and didn't really need it with Groot (considering what we got), but Ronan, Nebula, and Gamora could have used more.


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