August 8, 2014

July's Loot Crate Was Villainous

Loot Crate changed things up for July, and I like their new approach. Rather than get specific and limit items to gaming or a certain franchise, they tackled a broader theme: villains! Bad guys and gals from comics, movies, and games were featured in the box, and July's box is definitely among my Loot Crate greatest hits. Let's dive in and look at all the booty!

First of all, please admire all the artistic touches on the interior of the box. You might notice the box is a different size than normal too - they made it long and flat in order to accommodate a comic book:

It's a little thing, but that box art makes me happy. It's fun and makes me want to keep the packaging.

The box was packed with: a Loki-Joker mash-up t-shirt, Rocket Raccoon #1, Harley Quinn and Joker posters, Deadpool socks, a Darth Vader keychain, DC Comics and Warener Bros' Necessary Evil DVD, and a Bowser magnet:

It's a good mix of characters and products. Loot Crate costs $13.37 plus $6 shipping and handling, and the retail value of this box is around $40. Probably more. Yeah, July's box is definitely one of the best.

The August theme is Heroes and includes an exclusive Funko Pop! vinyl figure. If you'd like to get in on the action, you still have time to sign up - actually, you have until August 19th at 9pm PST. Sign up at Loot Crate and be sure to use the code gwcloot to get $3 off your subscription. Remember, you can try it out for just a single month if you'd like! There isn't any obligation to sign up for longer, but there are some cost savings if you opt for a three or six month plan.

Full disclosure: This Loot Crate box was provided free of charge for review purposes. This did not affect my opinions.


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