August 4, 2014

Sean Gunn, aka Kirk from Gilmore Girls, in Guardians of the Galaxy

A lot of things about Guardians of the Galaxy made me happy. The characters. The humor. Groot. Rocket Raccoon. The music. Kirk from Gilmore Girls. Yes, Sean Gunn has a role as a space pirate called Kraglin, and when he first appeared on screen, my friend excitedly whispered "Kirk!" in my ear. I'm always happy to see veterans from one of my favorite shows out in the wild, and here was Kirk in a big time Marvel movie.*

However, he wasn't only Kraglin.  He's credited as "On Set Rocket," too. BuzzFeed has the full story and reports that besides Kraglin, Gunn learned he'd be reading Rocket's lines on set. Gunn didn't know exactly what it would entail, but he was game to put in the work and do whatever it took to give the rest of the cast a tangible Rocket to rehearse with since the final cut is all CGI. He often wore a blue or green suit just in case some of the rehearsal takes ended up in the movie and he needed to be removed from the scene. Gunn told BuzzFeed:

They were going to hire a little person to be Rocket for some of the takes, when he’s walking and things like that. I said at the first rehearsal, ‘I think I might be able to do that’ — through some of my acting training and stuff where we were, like, animals and things like that. I got down and started moving around like Rocket, and James said to the first [assistant director], like, ‘Come here, look at this!’ They ended up using me a lot.” 

Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) told CBS This Morning the following about Sean Gunn:

“When I’m talking to Rocket and the magic is happening, I’m looking somebody in the eyes … that’s when Sean Gunn would come in. He would do the dramatic work for Rocket so that the interaction seemed real, the moments that needed to be emotionally resonant. … That’s where the soul of these characters were created. It’s sort of a thankless job for Sean.”

Bradley Cooper provided the voice for Rocket, and Gunn was surprised to get the screen credit for On Set Rocket.

All of this makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and it's just another reason to adore Guardians of the Galaxy.

*Yes, he is director James Gunn's brother.

h/t Laura Prudom


  1. I did the same thing to all of my friends. Except, when I whispered, "Kirk!" they all looked at me strange.

    Apparently I'm the only guy who owns every season of Gilmore Girls...


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