August 21, 2014

Superhero Storage Bins

If you have limited space or lots of space and want to get more organized, storage cubes will save your life. That's an exaggeration for the sake of a dramatic statement, but they can make a big difference. You've probably seen the fabric bins at places like Ikea or Target or Amazon, and they come in a wide range of colors so you can match them with your decor. I've used them for games, LEGO bricks, and currently one of them holds coloring books and crayons - a.k.a. stress relief.

What I didn't realize until recently is that the storage bins can be used to add some nerdy flair to your living space. They're perfect for superhero symbols! I saw a tweet with this image from Jay Boaz last night; he altered some bins for his son's room:

He added Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain Marvel (yes, boys do like female superheroes, crazy!) emblems to the bins, and it makes me want to go and buy bins and get crafting. It would be a pretty straightforward project since you could add the superhero touches with either acrylic or fabric paints or felt.

Sugar Tots Designs has a tutorial on how to make felt logos for the superhero bins. She used the Hall of Heroes font for the symbols. They've got everything from Wonder Woman to Hydra to Phoenix to X-Men to Daredevil... you get the idea. Once you install the free front, choose the logo you want, size it up, print it out, and cut out your pattern. Then you simply have to pin the pattern to felt, cut it out, and glue it onto the bins. You can get plenty more details over at Sugar Tots Designs. The finished products:

via Sugar Tots Designs

You could use a similar process for painting the logos on. You'd just need to trace the paper patterns directly onto the fabric bins and fill it in with paint. And you don't have to stop with superheroes. Think of all the symbols you could use instead - Star Wars ones, Transformers, Star Trek - now I want to fill my house with storage bins.


  1. Thanks for sharing this post, Your superhero storage bins look attractive and make a perfect place for storing items. I have some plastic storage bins at my home so you can give me some advice to make those storage bins into the super hero storage bins because my kids like all superheroes and I hope they like these bins in their room.

    1. You could actually use felt for the plastic bins as well! You can glue them right on or alternately, you can paint the designs on and seal the design with Mod Podge.


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