August 19, 2014

The Children's Place Responds to Concerns About a Gamora-Less T-Shirt

Oh boy. The #wheresgamora nonsense continues courtesy of a canned reply from The Children's Place. Twitter user @kristenrapp spotted a Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt from the retailer, and guess who's missing from the group? Shocking, it's Gamora. The Milano's there though - don't they care about the Milano being named after a girl?

Kristen contacted The Children's Place to ask about the lack of Gamora and received the following reply that states, "We rely on advice from our licensors for our licensed tees. The Guardians of the Galaxy shirt in particular is a boy's shirt, which is why it does not include the female character Gamora. We try to have a diverse assortment but unfortunately cannot represent each movie and character."

So. Much. Rage.
Rage at the licensor and at The Children's Place for perpetuating gender stereotypes. Boys will buy t-shirts with girls on them. In fact, I've seen younger kids express confusion at her being left out of the group. And if a little boy refuses to wear a shirt because it has a girl on it... well, aren't there bigger issues at hand? Also, by that logic, why are they selling a shirt with a raccoon and tree? If it's a boy's shirt, then only the humanoid males should be included on the t-shirt.

I should mention that regardless of direction from Marvel and/or Disney, The Children's Place has also sold shirts like this gem in the past which supports the stereotype that girls don't like math:

The Children's Place should take a cue from Kristen's daughter. She fixed the t-shirt in no time and added Gamora:

Maybe taking the problem to Marvel is the way to go. They provide contact information for Licensing on this page. It probably wouldn't hurt to send a polite (that part is very important) email about excluding Gamora and/or gender stereotypes if you so wish.


  1. As a 41 year-old male who just received a Wonder Woman t-shirt from Teefury, I say, "Children;s Place, get your act together and realize that anyone can be a fan of ANY character."

  2. Does this mean they also have a girl's shirt that just has Gamora on it?? Or do they assume girls don't like action/comic book movies???

    1. Of course! They assume all girls only play with barbies, Bratz, and the like. Girls who read comics? The horror! It's unheard of!

      If you go to any store that sells children's toys you'll see the gender bias. There is a girl's toy section (barbies, bratz, baby dolls, & other "girly" toys) and then there is a boy's section (action figures, race cars, super heroes, legos, and other "macho" toys).

      Instead of having a superhero isle (cuz you know there are enough superheroes to have their own isle), they assume only boys are interested.


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