August 8, 2014

The Official Title Track for Star Wars Rebels

We're getting closer to the October premiere of Star Wars Rebels, and I'm feeling more and more excited. You can already watch the first seven minutes of the first episode, and you can now listen to the music from the opening titles. No, there aren't any images to go with it, but that's okay. We'll get there.

The titles, presumably composed by Kevin Kiner, definitely have their own notes mixed with some John Williams nostalgia. They're upbeat and exciting - it's the kind of music that makes you anticipate adventure.


  1. Definitely feels as though some fresh air has been breathed into the classic tracks. I appreciate that. The seven minute clip though, I dunno - it felt very much like a take on Aladdin. Do not get me wrong, I loved Aladdin, and I hope that Rebels looks beyond that.

    1. It moves past that even in the first episode.


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