August 28, 2014

Webcomic You Must Check Out: Harpy Gee

Need a fun, charming new webcomic that stars a rad female protagonist with a cat sidekick? I thought you might, and I have a recommendation for you: Harpy Gee by Brianne Drouhard. Brianne's one of my favorite artists and when I belatedly realized she's been publishing a webcomic since January (apparently I've been living under a rock, duh!) I rushed to check it out.

Harpy Gee is released on Mondays over at Dumm Comics. It stars an Elf girl named Harpy and her cat Pumpkin (who's adorable and a living bag of holding) and some friends they meet along the way. I refuse to share many details because I didn't know about anything when I dove in, and it's rare to have that experience in this day of teaser trailers and teasers for those teaser trailers. I had a hunch I'd be hooked because I adore Drouhard's previous work and just look at this awesomeness:

So many pretty colors and things to look at!

Bonus? Drouhard usually includes another piece of art or a gif each week with the comic. Like this:

I would like a Pumpkin cat to call my own, please. And not just because I'd never need to carry a bag again.

You can read about the basics of Harpy Gee at Drouhard's blog or dive into the first page of the webcomic at Dumm Comics. If you start reading the webcomic, carve out a little bit of time because you won't want to stop!


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Brianne's awesome.


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