September 9, 2014

Favorite quotes from Outlander: Rent

The latest episode of Outlander, titled "Rent," brought a dramatic and funny roadtrip as Dougal and co. traveled across the MacKenzie lands collecting rent. There was plenty of character development, laughter, and some sadness. Overall, it was a fantastic episode. See some of my favorite quotes from "Rent" after the picture.

source: Starz
"Even amongst the vast and beautiful landscape I felt trapped as if I were back in the stone walls of Castle Leoch. Would I have to reconcile myself to live the rest of my life amongst strangers two hundred years in the past?" - Claire Randall

"We can insult you, but god help any other man that does." - Murtagh

"It doesn’t matter where you come from. You’re here." - Jamie

"I must say, you got a good head on your shoulders and a tongue for argument as well." - Ned Gowan

"Try not to hit any more trees." - Claire Randall

"A man has to choose what's worth fighting for." - Jamie

"Aren't you the canny lassie?" - Ned Gowan

Read my full review of the episode at IGN: Outlander: "Rent" Review


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