September 10, 2014

One Character, Different Costumes: Thor

It's already Wednesday, and that means it's time to look at different takes on one character's costume. Behold, the god of Thunder! I've seen various approaches to tackling the outfit from comic book replicas to cinematic universe replicas to sexy version to mash-up versions. Each one - unless it's purchased at a costume shop - stands apart from the others. Here are a handful of examples:

Impressive Thor cosplayed by Jason, photo by Katou. He has a nice enough wig to make Chris Hemsworth jealous.

Pika-Thor cosplayed by Cosmic-Empress, photo by Mike Shum. Yes, Virginia, mash-ups exist for everything.

Lady Thor cosplayed by kmjohnson13. I don't mind the midriff-baring genderswapped Thor costumes, but I appreciate the more crossplay look too.

Fantastic Thor spotted at Wizard World Chicago by transformersnewfan. Look at the size of that hammer!

Love this Thor dress designed by Olivia. It looks comfortable and easy to wear all day to a convention.

Femme Thor inspired by The Avengers design cosplayed by Izzy, photo by reiche1. I love the way she did the wings.

Mermaid freaking Thor cosplayed by Maya.


  1. For Halloween last year, I went as hipster Thor. :)

    These were all amazing.

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