September 3, 2014

One Character, Different Costumes: Daenerys Targaryen

It's Wednesday and that means it'stime to look at the many various ways you can cosplay a single character. Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones has worn several outfits now but seems to have a couple of primary ensembles each season. In the first season, it was the flowing silver wedding dress and her Dothraki garb. Since then we've seen her in a bright blue wrap and watched her adapt to the styles of Qarth and Meereen.

Even if dozens of cosplayers have dressed as Daenerys, you can still put your own stamp on her look just by being you. Here are a handful of examples of different Dany costumes to inspire you:

Unburnt Daenerys Targaryen cosplayed by Alice/SlyphinesBane, photo by Ted/Eminence Rain. I love that she included ash makeup with her cosplay of Dany's fresh out of the fire look.

Daenerys cosplayed by Karina, photo by Vick. This may be more of an inspired by outfit rather than a screen accurate one, but it's perfect.

Horse heart devouring Daenerys cosplayed by Jill Pantozzi, photo by Matt Sayles. It's always fun to look for specific scenes and moments to cosplay, and Jill absolutely nailed this one - anyone with commitment to attend a convention all day with faux blood-covered hands rocks.

Book inspired Daenerys cosplayed by Kristine/TophWei, photo by Y.Ivanov. Ahhh, purple eyes! Going with a book version of Dany will give you more flexibility and you don't really have to worry about being screen accurate.

Daenerys and Drogon cosplayed by Amanda Dawn, photo by Kacey Slone. The bright blue tunic from season three is possibly my favorite outfit of Dany's, and I love that she made a dragon to go with it.

Season two Daenerys cosplayed by Meagan Marie, photo by Blue Dawn Studios. 'Dat leather armor.


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