September 17, 2014

One Character, Different Costumes: Sherlock Holmes

Cosplaying is elementary, my dear Watson. Can you believe I managed to use that Sherlock Holmes catchphrase in this post already? Or that it isn't really a Sherlock Holmes catchphrase after all?

Anyway, as you may have inferred from the title and opening sentences, this week's installment of "one character, different costumes" is focused on Sherlock Holmes. He's starred in books, films, television series, and even comics and has several different looks. You can become Sherlock by donning a deerstalker hat and picking up a magnifying glass, or you can dress like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock from the current BBC series. There are several ways to approach a Sherlock Holmes costume - just take a look:

Gender swapped Sherlock Holmes cosplayed by Yvonne/Mi-caw-ber, photo by vw. Could this BBC Sherlock costume be any more perfect? I can't get over how much the hair looks like Benedict Cumberbatch's. Wow.

Robert Downey's Sherlock cosplayed by A/C Photography/Adamantium84, photo by S. Carter. Seeing this makes me want to re-watch the 2009 Sherlock Holmes - I really liked the costume designs.

Classic Sherlock at Dragon Con 2013, photo by James. You can't go wrong with the classic look, and if you're a lady who wants to change it up, you can pair the caplet and hat with a dress. Speaking of...

Darling Army is known for making awesome cosplay pinafores, and you only have to dress this black suit jumper up a little to look like Sherlock.

A genderbent take on the classic Sherlock Holmes outfit cosplayed by triumph-forks, photo by Heather. Finally! A pipe! Love the way this photo shows off the Sherlock silhouette in the background.

Another Robert Downey Sherlock-inspired costume from Lux-Laterna, photo by Kezia. The details on the costume are great but get a load of that set! Lux-Laterna designed and decorated it. That's dedication.


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