September 18, 2014

Why Batman's Tumbler is On the Star Wars: Episode VII Millennium Falcon

Today is a good day for Star Wars fans because Bad Robot just shared a peek of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars: Episode VII. In a video titled, "Hunka Junk," Han Solo's ship is revealed to the tune of John Williams "Binary Sunset" music. Yes, it's enough to give a person mega goose bumps. And maybe tears if you're the weepy type. Spoiler: I'm the weepy type.

In a few seconds the video takes a Batman turn with music by Hans Zimmer from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. The shot closes in on a Batman easter egg attached to the Millennium Falcon: his Tumbler. The Batmobile Tumbler was used by Batman in the Nolan films.

Take a look:

Why is there a Batmobile on the Millennium Falcon?

Batmobile Tumbler on the Millennium Falcon
Zack Snyder, director of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and J.J. Abrams, director of Episode VII have been playing a game on Twitter with photos showing a DC Comics-Star Wars crossover. Why? I'm not sure, but it's resulted in some amusing back and forth. It seems to have started on July 23rd with Snyder's tweet featuring Superman gone Sith:

Bad Robot and Abrams answered SuperJedi with a photo of Episode VII cast member John Boyega as Batman on July 25th. Behold "#BOYEGAMAN."

Then on August 2nd, Snyder tweeted a photo of Batman and R2-D2 in a Tatooine-esque landscape with the words: "BATMAN & R2BIN @bad_robot"

Bad Robot and Abrams struck back on August 8th with this wonderful image of C-3PO as Batman and the caption: "THE C3PED CRUSADER @ZackSnyder"

And it didn't end there. Snyder recently shared a photo of a Stormtrooper getting arrested by the Gotham City Police Department:

And now, Abrams has responded by showing him what the Millennium Falcon would to do the Tumbler. It would crush it. I hope Snyder responds by incorporating a Millennium Falcon toy into the Tumbler undercarriage.


  1. I'm loving the back and forth between these two. I can't wait to see what Snyder does next.

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  13. I'm loving the back and forth between these two. I can't wait to see what Snyder does next.

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