October 24, 2014

The Impala from Supernatural As a Dress

Supernatural is in its tenth season. Tenth! The Winchesters having been saving people and hunting things for a long time, and they've faced most of it together. Death, demons, angels, hell - you name it. Sam and Dean have been through a lot, and the Impala has gone on the journey with them. Also known as Dean's baby, the black Chevy has put on tens of thousands of miles over the years. The faithful car is a character in its own right, and I'm starting to notice more and more cosplayers coming up with Impala costumes. Casey of Wandering Windward did an amazing thing with her design - she made the Impala into cosplay couture.

She shared the sketch and some in progress pics at DeviantArt, and I'm in love. Casey covered all the details. The black dress has silver seams to represent the car's body lines, the Chevrolet logo is added in silver embroidery, and the garter will have a holster for a flask of holy water or a colt or Ruby's demon knife (so many weapon options!). The license plate number will be painted on the back shoulder.

Stunning, right?

Creative as all of that is, the pièce de résistance of the Impala dress is the top. It's a fiberglass cast of the front of the car, scaled to fit the dress. Seriously. It has the grill and the headlights. Casey sculpted it from oil clay, made a mold from silicone, and cast the piece in fiberglass. Sounds like she's resourceful enough to be a hunter.

See photos from the entire process at DeviantArt.


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