October 9, 2014

These Armor Arm Warmers Win Everything

When I start to feel a chill in the air or the bite of overly aggressive air conditioning, I reach for my favorite warm accessory: arm warmers. There's just something about wearing arm warmers and fingerless gloves. They're cozy, they keep my poor always-freezing hands toasty, and they make my overall body temperature more comfortable. I own a handful of styles, the most recently purchased being a set of Ravenclaw ones from Sock Dreams. I basically lost it when I saw these fabulous knit arm warmers covered in scale mail:

My first thought was, "Wow, these would look great with my renfaire garb." My second thought was, "Wow, these would look awesome with anything/everything I own." They're shiny and pretty and appear warm and badass. The bad news? These actual arm warmers aren't for sale. If you know how to knit though, you can get the pattern from the designer CraftyMutt. I am in love.

You can buy the pattern to make a set of your own over at Ravelry.
And actually, you can buy different but equally rad scale mail arm warmers at Etsy.

h/t Cheezburger


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