October 29, 2014

This Star Wars and Frozen Dork Tower Comic Melts My Heart

Are you ready to see a combination of Olaf from Frozen and a wampa from Star Wars? Then you're in the right place because Lar Desousza made that happen in a recent guest cartoon for Dork Tower. He's re-created the scene where Anna and Kristoff meet Olaf, but with a sprinkling of the galaxy far, far away. It's charming. Just look:

I can barely handle this level of charming.

Read more Dork Tower comics by John Kovalic and be sure to visit Desousza's shop!


  1. That is absolutely adorable. I kinda want a furry Olaf plushie now.


    1. You're right! I got so obsessed with the Sven-tauntaun that I got mixed up!

  2. An Olaf wampa or tauntaun plushie would possible help assuage my hatred of Frozen.


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