November 5, 2014

One Character, Different Costumes: Toothless

I didn't know much about How to Train Your Dragon when I sat down to watch it in the theater - only that it involved a boy and a dragon. And probably some training. I was enchanted and touched by the tale of Hiccup and Toothless and only a little bit because the dragons in the film were modeled on cats. Toothless was designed to be endearing and magnificent and everything you want in a pet and companion that doesn't exist in real life. I've loved seeing cosplayers tackle the Toothless look over the years, and I've spotted full on dragon suits and even dresses. There's more than one way to become a dragon so I've focused on Toothless for the latest edition of "one character, different costumes." Take a look:

Full Toothless cosplayed by Jessica Angus, photo by Enko. I can't imagine how warm this costume must be, but the fabric used really sells the dragon skin look.

Humanized Toothless cosplayed by Professor Awesome, photo by Kassandra. I like this human take on the character with black clothing, wings, leather and plastic claws, and a tail. It definitely seems like a more comfortable option than the full dragon suit.

Classy Toothless dress design by PatyDin. As far as I can tell, no one has made this into a dress yet. It needs to happen. You could top it off with dragon necklace or maybe ears on a headband?

Another complete Toothless suit cosplayed by NeverCryMoon, photo by Alexandra. This suit looks to be made of a velvety fabric, and it's wonderful - I love that this Toothless is paired with a Hiccup.

Go Toothless-casual with this dragon hoodie from Canada Cosplay. The fabric is textured in just the right places, and it has scales and a tail. You could pair it with some black pants for a simple and comfortable cosplay.

Sweatsuit Toothless! Vanessa Brady made her son a Toothless costume by converting a solid-colored sweatsuit. It's an affordable way to get the full dragon look, and she wrote a brief how-to.

Want to see more awesome costumes? I've got a Pinterest board for that. Have any characters you'd like me to feature for "one character, different costumes?" Let me know in the comments!


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