December 17, 2014

Baby Groot Ornament Will Make Your Christmas Tree Cooler Than the Awesome Mix

It is a truth universally acknowledged that baby Groot makes anything and everything better. The appearance of the moving and grooving sapling version of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy is one of those rare magical, unforgettable sort of scenes. It was also one of the cutest moments of cinema in 2014. Now that the holiday season is here and Guardians of the Galaxy is available on Blu-ray and DVD (get it on Amazon!), people are inserting a little Groot into their celebrations. He makes a perfect addition to any Christmas tree because he is a tree. I've seen an incredibly well made Groot tree topper and now, this precious, adorable, cute, insert-more-adjectives here felt ornament.

Instructables user LD_P made this happy little Grootmas addition with felt in light brown, black, green, and red, matching embroidery thread, mini Christmas light trim, and a few other basics. No sewing machine is required - you'll do it all by hand. And honestly, the hardest part will probably be getting the body shape just right.

Learn how to make your very own baby Groot Christmas tree ornament:

Want more geeky holiday inspiration?  I've got a Pinterest board for that.

h/t Instructables


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