December 3, 2014

Geek Fuel Monthly Mystery Box Review

Monthly subscription boxes are seemingly becoming more and more popular. You can get them for everything from beauty products, to shaving and beard accessories, to snacks, to geek-themed merch. Geek Fuel is offering the latter. They recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign and are in the first month of sending out boxes. They sent one to me to review so without further ado, the first Geek Fuel box:

Unboxed! The package is a bit bigger than Loot Crate and bright red. Everything was wrapped in a casing of silver tissue paper.

The contents: a Geek Fuel magazine with articles about the vendors with products in the box, a gift guide, an introduction to some of the Geek Fuel team, and a look at some designer toys. The key thing I found missing? A list of what's in the box. It doesn't have to be multiple pages - just a single page with a list. I like to check off items and have all the vendor names in one place so I can look them up if I want to learn more about them. The vendors were at least mentioned throughout the pamphlet and one particular vendor had a special paper insert so I could figure it out.

UPDATE/CORRECTION, 12/3: It turns out there is a nice glossy insert in the box that does list everything included with photos! Neat! Guess I should pay more attention to those inserts, eh?

Other items in the box: a Geek Fuel t-shirt (more on that in a minute), a blind bag of Halo Mega Blocks, a deck of Princess Bride playing cards from Albino Dragon, a Chewbacca Pez dispenser, Armor Hunters #1, and poster recipe from Kitchen Overlords.

I happen to already own a set of these cards, and man, they are beautiful. Albino Dragon does great work, and they have several licensed decks in their store.

The t-shirt is unisex which isn't my cuppa. They won't be including t-shirts in every box, but I noticed that the Geek Fuel site doesn't state that shirts are unisex (unless I missed it) when you sign up and they should because it makes a difference when it comes to sizing. If I'd known the shirts were unisex, I would have asked for a small instead of a medium.

That said, the design is cute and I like the limited edition tag printed on onto the tee.

One of my favorite items in the box is an illustrated recipe poster from Kitchen Overlord. It shows you how to make the Eye of Sauron with pasta, meatballs, and crescent roll dough. Cute!

Geek Fuel subscriptions start at $23.90 for a single month (shipping and handling is included in that rate). That puts it in line with other geek mystery boxes and size of the box is bigger than Loot Crates. As far as value? This box was packed with 6 substantial items that have an estimated retail value of $43. That's nearly twice what you would have paid for the box so if you're looking for a new subscription to try...

Full disclosure: This Geek Fuel box was provided free of charge for review purposes. This did not affect my opinions.


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