December 12, 2014

Incredible Harry Potter and Other Geeky Paper Snowflakes

When it comes to making paper snowflakes, I'm still at a kindergarten level. Maybe younger. My designs never come out like I intend them to, and I usually manage to massacre one side so that the result is an asymmetrical mess. So, whenever I see the work of artists who create gorgeous pieces of intricate paper snowflake art, I'm always floored.

I was searching for some geeky paper snowflake templates for another post and stumbled across the gallery of beep3rocks on DeviantArt. She doesn't have templates available; she makes one of a kind snowflake masterpieces. She has a few especially impressive snowflakes based on Harry Potter. I can't even wrap my head around what it took to cut out all those tiny windows on the Hogwarts one without ruining the entire snowflake. She's no ordinary muggle! Look:


Harry Potter logo



And some amazing Doctor Who and Firefly paper snowflakes:

Serenity and quotes
All images via Rasa, a.k.a. beep3rocks. I recommend checking out her entire gallery of snowflakes and her Etsy shop.


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