December 16, 2014

Jewelry and More from PopCycled Baubles

You can never have enough jewelry, and that's doubly true if said jewelry includes comic book art. Laura Rosado's store PopCycled Baubles has plenty of options in that category. Rosado uses art from comic books and upcycles panels into wearable art and accessories. She makes pendants, cases, coasters, and compacts featuring everything from the TARDIS to Batgirl. Her products are a great way to incorporate your passion for comics into your outfits or into your home decor. Some examples of her work:

Her shop isn't limited to upcycled art either; she also makes purses. She uses licensed and themed fabrics to create bags inspired by Wonder Woman, Harley Queen, Frozen, and more. And yes, she takes custom orders.

You can shop for all the shinies at PopCycled Baubles on Etsy and keep up with the latest releases on Facebook.


  1. Yay! Laura and I met at HeroesCon one year and now I buy a piece every year... it's a tradition now, haha! So glad you've been introduced to her amazing work! :D


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